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At the table with children

Mealtime is a very important time for families, and we care about making it relaxing and joyful. In Hotel Cheri's dining room, children are welcomed with care and can use the most comfortable seating for their age. In fact, high chairs and booster seats are available.

Families staying with us can take advantage of theelastic hours for preparing meals for the little ones or custom menus, baby food and broths prepared upon request.

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Cozy rooms
for all ages

Families with toddlers will find camping beds or beds with fall-proof rails available to them in Hotel Cheri's rooms for safe nights and afternoon naps.

In addition, for those who request family rooms, specifying that they have one or more children, larger rooms are reserved, complete with a safety night light so that they can feel at ease even in an environment that is not immediately familiar and find, even in the dark, the faces of mom and dad.

Cheerfulness and fun

There is no shortage of playtime and fun for the youngest children. Twice a week, in the evening hours from 8 to 10 p.m., there is an entertainment service for all children aged 3 and older.

Our animator organizes fun activities and games, in the garden or in the specially equipped room, to stimulate the joy and intelligence of the little ones. Animation is also present on the beach every day.

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