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Immersed in the green and with lots of attractions, is the preferred destination of young people and families who want to spend days of pure fun. The most popular games are the Katun and I-Speed.

There are so many shows to see, but is certainly the most famous remains in Police School, which sees the talented stuntman, performing in extraordinary choreography at full speed.

Italy in miniature

A small park that highlights and enhances the beauty of the artistic and cultural heritage of Italy. Very suitable for families with children also offers other attractions such as interactive games that will make you relive the emotions of the epic medieval battles or routes of road safety education to know the main rules of the road.

Inside the park you will also find the section “Europe in miniature” with its reproductions of the major monuments in europe.


Fiabilandia is the first theme park of Rimini, ideal for the little ones. The Magic Village, the Space Mouse, the Castle of Merlin, the Bay of Peter Pan, and the Valley of the Gnomes are just some of the attractions the most fun and interesting of the park.

The park is divided into 5 main areas that develop around the Lake Bernard, each area was given a distinctive name: Medieval, Eastern, The Pirate Bay, the Magic Village and the Far West.


A lot of shows and initiatives fun for this great Park that pays tribute to our planet. Here you will meet Ulysses, the curious dolphin that will amaze children and adults alike with a fun show.

And after a busy day of games and live entertainment, sit down in the comfortable armchairs of cinema Tim IMAX and enjoy the spectacular screenings of films from the cinema.


Ninety thousand square meters of greenery on the hills of Riccione, just outside the exit of the A14 Motorway, with over three km of slides: from kamikaze, to Extreme River, from Speedriul to Rapid River, from the new StrizzaCool to Tobagas.

And then the huge Wave Pool, Poseidon, the foam dance, animations, shows, characters, major events, and the presence of radio Deejay. Aquafan is also the realm of children, with 3 dedicated areas, with water games and animations.

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